We all know how hard it is to learn new things. Learning styles are different and all too often, tutorials make wildly different assumptions about what you may or may not know about a subject. I started this website as a way to share some knowledge about Apache Spark. After finding a lack of easy to follow tutorials on the web, I decided to make this website to help the community learn about this incredible tool.

I sincerely hope that you get some value out of this website; as the sole maintainer, it's always great to hear feedback from the community so please feel free to contact me at bill@sparktutorials.net.


In addition to this site, the Apache Spark project has resources available to the community.

  1. Apache Spark Website - The main website for the Apache Spark project.
  2. Apache Spark Mailing List - The publicly available Apache Spark mailing list.
  3. Apache Spark Developers Mailing List - The publicly available Apache Spark developers mailing list.
  4. Apache Spark Documentation - The documentation for the Apache Spark project.
  5. Spark Packages - External Apache Spark packages created by the community to provide additional functionality.
  6. Spark Downloads - Download different versions of the Apache Spark project.

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