Paid Training to Make Learning Apache Spark painless

Struggling to get an Apache Spark project up and running and looking for expertise? Want to cut the learning curve for you and your team with vendor-free training?

I've worked on projects large and small with Apache Spark and love teaching others the joys of using this amazing tool.

In addition to my technical skill, I pride myself on teaching things in a way that all levels of technical ability can understand. I'm currently an instructor and graduate student at UC Berkeley teaching the basics of data analysis to incoming Master's of Data Science students and I also am the creator and author of one of the most popular Udemy classes on data analysis in python. Here's what some of my students have had to say about the course and my teaching.

Bill did a great job with this course. He is a great teacher to begin with. He is very careful in taking the course from basics to advanced stuff. He taught step by step.
- Kiran
The instructor is not only very knowledgeable in the topic but also extremely clear, concise and well organized. The contents was excellent for advanced Python users and the sample code was easy to follow and always worked (unlike other Udemy course I've taken). I will definitely be taking more courses from this instructor.
- Sergio
This course soars where other Data Science courses fail: quick and easy application of the material. The course is focused on practicality and does not dwell on abstract or overly-academic Data Science. Instead, the instructor introduces concepts and moves to simple but clearly generalizable examples to inspire your future work.
- Stelle

I am available for single or multi-day online or in-person trainings.
Please contact me at for a quote and consultation.